How to request the ESTA form to travel to the United States


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You already know that at the time of plan a trip to the United States have of taking into account the strongairport security measures To fly to that country.

But it is also essential to know the requirements that are needed to enter in it, where immigration controls are very demanding.

Below I detail the most important points to consider in this regard.

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All information in detail

  • How to travel to the United States without a visa
  • How to request the ESTA form online

How to travel to the United States without a visa

- Spain it is one of the few countries in the world whose citizens we can Travel to the united states on a business or tourism trip, for example to theWest Coastno need to apply for a visa.

- To travel to the United States without applying for a visa, the period of stay in the United States it must not exceed 90 days.

- In addition, you have to leave Spain with a round trip plane ticket.

- And you also have to comply certain legal requirements (not having been convicted of any crime ...) that prevent you from entering the United States without having to apply for a previous visa.

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ESTA form conditions

- However, since March 2010 for Travel to the united states It is mandatory to meet an essential requirement: complete the Form THIS, acronym with which in English is called Electronic System for Travel Authorization to the United States.

- You must also pay the corresponding fee; nowadays, the price of the ESTA FormIt's 14 dollars.

- He ESTA form is filled in online through the website of United States Department of Customs Security, and must be completed for each of the people who are going to make the trip, including children.

- It must have valid passport during the entire period of stay in the United States, which must be less than 90 days.

- The purpose of the trip must be business or tourism.

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How to request the ESTA form online

- You must access the Embassy website Electronic System for Travel Authorization to the United States.

- Before completing the form, payment must be made on-line of the aforementioned rate of $ 14, of which $ 10 is charged for receiving the permit, and $ 4, for management fees.

- If you are denied authorization in the process, you will only be charged 4 dollars.

With what credit cards to pay for the ESTA form

- Payment can only be made with credit or debit cards MasterCard, VISA, American express or Discover (JCB, Diners Club).

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- After accepting one disclaimer, the form where personal data, passport data, the flight to be taken, and the addresses where we will initially reside (usually the hotel address) after arriving in the United States is accessed.

What questions must be answered on the ESTA form

- Then you must answer seven questions similar to the ones that were previously required for this system, it was necessary to respond in the green form that was delivered to you on the plane.

1.- Do you suffer from a contagious disease, a physical or mental disorder; Or is he a consumer or drug addict?

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2.- Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime or crime that involves moral depravity or a violation of a controlled substance; or has been arrested or convicted for two or more crimes for which the total sentence to imprisonment was five years or more; or has been a trafficker of controlled substances; Or are you trying to enter to participate in criminal or immoral activities?

3.- Have you ever been or are now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities: or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 was involved, in some way, in persecutions associated with the Nazi Germany or your allies?

4.- Do you intend to look for work in the US; or have you ever been excluded and deported; or has previously been removed from the United States or has attempted or attempted to procure a visa or entry to the United States. through fraud or false testimony?

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5.- Have you ever detained, retained or prevented the custody of a child from a US citizen who has obtained custody of the child?

6.- Have you ever been denied a visa to the US? or entry to the US or has a visa been canceled to the US?

7.- Have you ever asserted your immunity from an accusation?

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Approval of the Authorization to travel to the United States

- Once completed the ESTA formNormally, you immediately receive the United States entry permit with a reference number that you must keep by printing the said provisional authorization and attaching it to the passport.

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- It is possible that the authorization is pending resolution, which can last up to 72 hours.

- To know the status of our request during those three days, from the same website you can go to the section “Update or Check the status of a previously submitted authorization to travel to the United States”, where you can also update data, such as the flight or the address of the first hotel of stay.

- If after filling out the form, or after the resolution of 72 hours, You are not authorized to travel to the United States, does not mean that you will not be able to go, but that you should go to the U.S. Embassy to request clarification Or in her case, a visa.

- The approval of the authorization does not guarantee that you will finally be able to enter the United States, because you will lack the sometimes cumbersome process of passing customs at the airport.

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How long is the ESTA form in force?

The authorization will be in effect for two years, so if in that period you want to return to the United States, it is not necessary to complete the ESTA form again, unless your passport expires before. In this case, you will need to reapply for travel authorization.

- The filling in this form Before it was free, but as I said, now you have to pay the aforementioned fee of $ 14.

- Keep in mind that on the Internet you will find websites that offer you the service of managing your name, so they charge you an additional fee that substantially increases the price to be paid.

- It is not at all necessary to hire this service that makes it very expensive, because filling in the ESTA form is a very simple procedure that you can do directly following the guidance that I have given you in this article.

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