Tips for visiting Hearst Castle on the California coast


Neptune temple pool at Hearst Castle in California

Halfway between San Francisco and The Angels, to the north of San Luis Bishop, the state monument of Hearst Castle It is a must see in yourroute along the coast.

I recognize you that when I planned my trip along the west coast of the United States I did not consider the Hearst Castle visit.

This is how the mansion complex is known that in the California coast William Randolph Hearst, the great press and media mogul in the United States was built in the first half of the 20th century, and known for being the propellant of the tabloid press.

Big House of Hearst Castle in California

Although I had heard about its existence, I did not know the interest that your visit really had, but in the end I went to visit it after making a change in the planned route on the fly ... and I did not regret it at all.

If you decide go to Hearst Castle on your trip, here are some Useful tips for your visit.

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Tips visit Hearst Castle

You will arrive at this place circulating through the state highway 1, which runs along the coast, and at the height of San Simeon You will see the castle on top of a hill.

However, keep in mind that the Visitors Center It is found just leave the route. There you hire the tour you want to do and you must wait to catch a bus that will take you to make the visit.

Casa del Mar at Hearst Castle in California

Hearst Castle Tours

To visit the castle you will have at your disposalseveral tours With different characteristics. The first thing you have to do is select the tour that you prefer and The time to which you are going to do it.

You are really facing a real theme park, which usually visit thousands of tourists. Therefore, if you plan your visit during the holiday season, the ideal will be to do the online booking of the tour and its time.

Among the available tours, with a duration of one hour each of them. The one recommended for a first visit is known as The Grand Rooms.

This visit covers the main parts of the complex: the ground floor of the Big house, the guest building known as House of the Sea, both pools and gardens.

Casa del Monte at Hearst Castle in California

The other tours delve into concrete architectural elements of the huge mansion or the Hearst Castle gardens.

It also offers a night tour of more than two hours of duration that shows the nightlife in the castle in the 30s.

Once you have booked the tour and its time, the next thing I advise you to do is watch the excellent documentary in large format cinema, Hearst Castle, building a dream, which is projected continuously in the National Geographic Theater.

Gardens at Hearst Castle in California


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This documentary recreates the trip that Hearst made in Europe with his mother when he was just a child, and in which is the origin of the capricious mixture of architectural styles of the castle.

Given the interest in this documentary, when booking the tour time for the visit, you must make sure that before you start your visit you have enough time to see it in advance.

Once the tour starts, you have to go to the bus station that goes up to the castle to the different groups.

Sculpture in the gardens of Hearst Castle in California

In the guided visit You will be accompanied by two tour guides who will lead the group through the different areas of the complex, preventing you from getting confused or mixing with other groups.

As a dessert of the visit, once you return on the bus to Visitors Centerapart from the usual store of souvenirs, you will find one photo exhibition and material with testimonies of the time when the Hearst Castle It was a meeting place for many famous people.

Hearst castle opening hours

Finally, when planning your visits you have to take into account how much you can get to extend up to about four hours, including documentary viewing and bus trips between the Visitors Center and the Hearst Castle.

Roman indoor pool at Hearst Castle in California

The visiting hours of Hearst Castle They are every day of the year from 9 in the morning until 4.40 in the afternoon, last hour of entry to the visits.

The ticket prices (2016), adults, 25 euros, and children, 12 euros, except in the case of tours or special visits. For example, the price of admission to the night visit is 36 euros.

How to get to Hearst Castle