Best tips for traveling and visiting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona


Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

One of the Essential visits on your trip along the west coast of the United States is undoubtedly the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, a place that should not be missing on any route you plan.

It is a large national park that you can access by different routes, although the South Rim (South Rim) of the Grand Canyon is the main and most visited area.

Looking to plan your visit of the Grand Canyon of ColoradoIn Arizona, this information will be useful with different practical aspects to consider in it.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

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  • Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon

Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon

A first tip, before traveling to the United States to visit the Grand Canyon you should not forget about hire your essential travel insurance, yes, with special benefits that you may need if an incident arises in that country.

Tours and excursions to the Grand Canyon

If you do not want to complicate your life, you have to know that you have the option of joining one of the numerousguided tours in Spanish that come out from Las Vegas.

Of these tours you have, for example, the option of Grand Canyon Tour in Spanish that in one day takes you to the area of West rim in a minivan Luxury and with a guide in Spanish.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

You will visit several viewpoints as well as the Hualapai village, and you will have the option of walk the skywalk or take a helicopter flight with a boat ride on the Colorado River.

And another alternative is the South Rim full tour (in English) in one day, with a plane trip from Las Vegas to the most tourist area of ​​the Grand Canyon, where the Visitors Center.

There you will take a helicopter ride and travel by bus to the main viewpoints of the South rim, then return by plane to Las Vegas.

How to visit the Grand Canyon on your own

But if on the contrary you like to organize your own trip, you have the option to do the rental car trip, either visiting only the Grand Canyon, or within the framework of a route through national parks of Arizona and Utah.

Here you have tips for renting a car and to drive through the United States.

Normally, starting the trip in Las Vegas first thing in the morning, you arrive at the national park first thing in the afternoon, after going up the access road from Williams, in the old Route 66.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

Going southeast from Las Vegas, you will visit the Grand Canyon for its South edge (South rim).

It is in this enclave where, as I said, is the Southern Visitor Center, and from the viewpoints that are located on the road that runs through this southern area you will enjoy the best views and panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.

Schedules visit Grand Canyon

For your visit you should know that the national park ofGrand Canyon opens every day of the year, 24 hours a day, although in winter, especially in the North Rim (North rim), the road can be cut by snowfall.

In fact, the service areas of the North rim They close every year on October 15 to reopen on May 15.

Of the different services of the Grand Canyon, you should know that, for example, during the summer the opening hours ofSouth Rim Visitor Centers and the North Rim It is from 8 to 18 hours.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona


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Grand Canyon ticket prices

The Ticket prices to visit the Grand Canyon (2019) are as follows: for the access of a car with all its occupants you must pay 35 dollars, and it serves for 7 days and for the two zones of the South Rim and the North Rim.

The price of the entry of a motorcycle with its occupants is $ 30 and that of an individual who arrives, for example, by coach or bicycle, is $ 20.

Here you can check the days of the year you can visit the Grand Canyon of the Colorado for free.

Grand Canyon Annual Pass

If on your trip through the west coast of the United States you'll visit several national parks, you can consider the option of acquiring the Annual Pass.

Landscapes of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

It's about a tourist pass with annual validity that for $ 80 for a vehicle and four passengers allows you to access the vast majority of the mentioned parks.

Shuttle bus routes Grand Canyon

If you do not have a car, there arefree buses They make four routes through the different areas of the national park.

Hours vary between 6 am and 9 pm, and the frequency of the service is between 15 and 30 minutes.

In winter, logically, services are reduced and from November to February two of these routes are canceled.

Book hotel for your trip on

Bus through the Grand Canyon viewpoints in South Rim

You can see the information about routes and schedules of the Bus routes and schedules to tour the Grand Canyon, with the possibility of downloading a map with the routes.

Grand Canyon by helicopter

One of the activities that has more demand among visitors to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is to fly over it by helicopter.

At the southern entrance of the national park is the Grand Canyon airport, next to the service area of Tusayan, from where thehelicopter tours to fly over it.

Landscapes of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado in Arizona

For example, the price of a Grand Canyon helicopter tour With a duration of between 25 and 30 minutes it varies according to the time of the year and the time of the service, but in normal season it can go from 199 dollars.

Of course, in the face of your trip, and especially if you are going to go during the holiday season, it is doneMust reserve in advance the excursion to ensure the day and time that suits you best.

Here you can check the options and prices available and book the helicopter tour.

Hotels in Grand Canyon

Another important tip is that if you are going to visit this national park in high tourist season, you must make the trip with the previously booked hotel.

Tusayan south of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

The most advisable thing is to book in one of the motels available to the visitor in the service area of Tusayan that you find just after the Grand Canyon airport, just shortly before the entrance to the national park.

A cheaper option is to book at Williams, old townRoute 66 where you will be diverted to the national park, although it is about 50 minutes away from the entrance of it.

And a third alternative would be to go to one of the hotels inside the Grand Canyon National Park, next to the Visitors Center.

In summary, to visit it is essential Book your hotel in the Grand Canyon in advance, and here you have more information with all the optionswhere to sleep in the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado from the Watchtower in Desert View

Activities in Grand Canyon

On your visit to the Grand Canyon you have the possibility of doing various activities, as trekking going down to the river, or do this tour mule mounted.

You can too do rafting for him Colorado River.

A novel attraction, but also somewhat controversial, is the Skywalk glass platform.

Although it is not located in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, but in a nearby canyon outside the national park, this platform favors walking on the cliff with a height of 1,400 meters on the base of it.

Skywalk, glass platform over the Grand Canyon

Official Guide in Spanish of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Finally, for your visit it may be useful to download the pdf with the Official Guide in Spanish of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

This guide offers you extensive information on different aspects to consider, such as hours of light or temperatures during the year, or what are the different services offered to visitors and where you find them.