Museums of the Smithsonian Institute to visit in Washington


Historic aircraft at the National Museum of Air and Space in Washington

Washington it's a city of museums, which you should keep in mind when planning your visit of the capital of the United States.

And the main example of this characteristic is the cultural institution called Smithsonian Institute on which the main ones depend washington museums.

Founded in 1846 for the dissemination of knowledge from the economic legacy of the British scientist James Smithson (1765-1829), it became a private institution with support from the US State dedicated to the promotion of culture.

Apollo spacecraft at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington

Nowadays the Smithsonian Institute It is a group that has19 museums and 9 research centers. most of them based in Washington, although also in New York and Virginia.

The Smithsonian headquartersis known as The castle, and is located in a building located in the Washington National Mall, the great avenue that will be the focus of your visit to the US capital.

All these You can visit museums for free and and its schedule is from 10 to 18 hours.

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  • What Smithsonian museums to visit in Washington

What Smithsonian museums to visit in Washington

Main Smithsonian Institute museums What you can visit in Washington are the following:

Museum of the Indian People in Washington @ Salvador Samaranch

National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum, which is undoubtedly the most popular among visitors to the American capital.

In this museum you can see airplanes and spaceships that are already part of the history of Humanity, and it is an essential visit if you are a fan of aviation.

National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History, which preserves a large collection of objects of historical figures and prestige, from the president himself Washington until, for example, Judy Garland.

National Gallery of Art in Washington

National Gallery of Art, a museum that presents a collection of paintings and sculptures of European origin and a large exhibition of American painting.

National Museum of Natural History in Washington

National Museum of Natural History, in whose visit you will find a collection of plants and animals from around the world, as well as precious stones among which is the famous diamond Hope.

Hishorn Sculpture Museum

Hishorn Sculpture Museum, with a collection of modern and contemporary art in a striking cylindrical design building designed byGordon Bunshaft, and surrounded by a Sculpture garden.

National Museum of the American Indians

National Museum of the American Indians, in which you can know the history of the indigenous Indians that inhabited the lands of the United States before their colonization.