How to book the guided tours of the Hayedo de Montejo in the Sierra Norte


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While all year long you can visit the Hayedo de Montejo, in the Sierra Norte from Madridcertainly the season offall It is the best time to do it.

At that time is when you can see the forest covered in ocher color offering a picture of great beauty.

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Where is the Hayedo de Montejo

He Montejo Beech it is a natural enclave located in the Sierra del Rincónwithin the so-calledAyllón mountain range.

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It's about a beech forest It occupies about 250 hectares, and is one of the beech trees southernmost in Europe.

Also know as Monte El Chaparral, this beech tree extends on a hillside between 1,200 and 1,600 meters of altitude, and it contains centuries-old trees.

So in your walk through this forest you can seehave over 20 meters high, the most prominent being known as The rock, tree that is more than 250 years old.

On the hillside, in addition to the beech trees, oaks and holly trees can also be seen, and in the lower part of the forest, delimited by the Jarama river, heather, birch and serbal grow.

Declared Biosphere Reserve, It is aprotected natural area, so visiting it requires having a special authorization.

How to visit the Hayedo de Montejo

And given the usual large influx of visitors during the aforementioned autumn season, it is essential to make a online booking as early as possible.

You must keep in mind that you canvisit the Hayedo de Montejo every day of the year, except Mondays (except in the months of October and November), day that access to this nature reserve is closed to visitors.

To do this you must sign up for one of thefree guided tours that are offered, which are done at different times and by three routes with different levels of difficulty.

Routes through the Hayedo de Montejo

The guided tours of the Hayedo de Montejo They are carried out in groups of up to 20 people, so the number of people who can visit this natural site is limited every day.

River Path in Hayedo de Montejo

Of the routes you can do in the Hayedo de Montejo, the so-called River Path It is the one with the least difficulty and the one with the most available schedules.

It is also the only visit that can be carried out on a weekday, except Mondays, when I remind you the beech remains closed to the public.

This route runs along the bank of the Jarama river, and during it you can see Melojo and beech oak forests, with a duration of 90 minutes.

Hillside Path in Hayedo de Montejo

The Hillside Path It is a circular route of medium difficulty, which runs partly along the bank of the river, but it also ascends the slope through melojo and beech forest, with sections of solana with scrub.

If you sign up for this route you should do an hour and a half of hiking.

Path of the Mirador in Hayedo de Montejo

The third route, the most difficult, is the Viewpoint Path, which goes up to the highest area of ​​the beech forest, and also lasts an hour and a half.

How to book the visit of the Hayedo de Montejo

There are three ways to do the reservations to visit the Hayedo de Montejo.

How to book by phone

On the one hand you can call to the phone 91 869 70 58, every day of the year from 9.30 to 15.00 hours, and you can also make inquiries through the following email:[email protected].

How to book online

You can also do the online booking through the official website of the Sierra del Rincón, with a maximum anticipation of one month.

For example, on September 1 you can only make reservations for the first half of October, and from September 16, the second half of that month of October.

Therefore, to make the reservation it is essential to be aware of the opening of the reservation periods. days 1 and 16 of each month.

In the reservation form you will see only the days, hours and routes available, and the system only supports five people per reservation.

How to book in Montejo de la Sierra

For reservations by phone and online, half of the available places are made available, so that the other half is left for the third alternative, the face-to-face reserve.

To make these last-minute reservations you must go the same day of your visit to the office of the Resource and Information Center Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve, in the Calle Real 64 from the town of Montejo de la Sierra.

Given the high demand for visit the Hayedo de Montejo in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, it is recommended to make the reservation on-line or by phone, because in the case of the face-to-face you may arrive at the office and all passes have already been exhausted.

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On the other hand, once your reservation is confirmed, the day of your visit first you have to go to the aforementioned Resource Center to collect the previously reserved authorizations, as later, one hour before the one you have planned for your visit.

Then you go to the Hayedo, 8 kilometers from Montejo de la Sierra, where you will deliver the authorizations to the guides.

How to get to Hayedo de Montejo

He Montejo Beech is in the Sierra Norte, an hour and a half from Madrid, from where you arrive on the AP1, having to deviate in Buitrago de Lozoya.