This was the visit of the Monument Valley on the coast to coast trip


Monument Valley between Utah and Arizona

Finally comes the time to visit the Monument Valley in our coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada.

He Monument Valley it is a great depression located on the border of the states of Utah and Arizona, which is located in the territory of the Navajo Nation Reserve.

His Navajo name isTsé Bii 'Ndzisgaii, what does it mean Valley of the Rocks, which is justified, among other reasons, by its curious formations called tables.

Souvenir shop in the Monument Valley

With massive sandstone formations resurfacing amid the open landscapes of Utah, the Monument Valley It shows us unique landscapes that for many of us are the familiar scenarios of western films, as many of the best have been shot here.

The place is really amazing for its landscapes, its views, its colors, for what it conveys and for what it makes you feel. For all. It is very difficult to describe and transmit to a third party.

We made a first visit in the afternoon, in which for four hours we were admiring these natural beauties without getting tired. It is like a paradise for the eyes and, above all, for the spirit.

Landscapes of the Monument Valley

After admiring from the viewpoint of the Hotel View that immense and overwhelming nature, we went down with the car to make an hour tour of those places, seeing and verifying the greatness of that wonder.

The car did not have such a good time, as some of the access ramps to the lower part of the valley were really difficult for a car like our Potomac. We really would have needed a 4 × 4 higher.

We also visit the museum, the souvenir shop, have a drink in the cafeteria, and admire the sunset and its reflection in those dolmens wonderful

Viewpoint Hotel Viewpoint in Monument Valley

On this visit we had the opportunity to contact again Navajo Indians, a native town that has 300,000 inhabitants distributed throughout the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

In one of the guides that Dolors was carrying, it is indicated that the navajos They never look their interlocutor in the eye, which we could verify is true.

When we were talking to them, either in the restaurant where we ate, such as at the ticket office at the Monument Valley, or when negotiating prices for a jeep tour for the next day, they never looked me in the eye, which you It produces a very, very strange feeling.

Landscapes of the Monument Valley


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What the guide did not say was whether this characteristic was applied to all of his interlocutors, including themselves, or was it only an attitude towards the white man (whom they must cordially hate) that had stripped them of their lands where they live almost as foreigners .

Anyway, nothing to add to this wonder of nature. Many photos, yes, all the same, yes, but all different, different colors and brightness, changing shades, unique sun reflections.

With the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Tortuguero and the Everest, the most impressive I've seen. You have to see it, feel it, touch it !!! It is the vastness, the peace.

Tomorrow we return to Monument Valley, before continuing on trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Navajo Indians in Monument Valley

Today already completed 4,000 miles of travel and we are still alive and well. Bravo! The day has been fantastic. The gods have endeavored not to spoil our sight and landscapes.

Heat, yes, but first of all what we have seen, we have not noticed the 36º temperature.

Monument Valley Pictures

Here are more pictures of our visit to Monument Valley.